Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Friday July 31

We got up about seven but did not start away till about twelve.

Dandy had a sore foot and had to be led. The way was over a regular road which was awfully dusty and hot with no shelter.  We passed many homesteads where they were clearing the land—lots of smoke from the burning stumps which didn’t make us feel any cooler.  Passed one couple and the man was carrying their baby in a sack on his back and it was looking out of the top quite contentedly.  

Reached Rio Grande at about six and after a duck in the Red Willow had supper.  Leslie phoned Olive from the store and brought back some chocolates which were a great treat after two weeks of porridge.  I went to sleep after supper, thus missing the dishes.  The rest, except Monica who kindly stayed behind and guarded my unconscious remains, went over to the store, returning for us about nine.  We all went over and saw a lynx hide.  Two friends of Leslie’s had come out, bringing Kenneth and we to take us in that night.  We made tea for them and had some fresh current biscuits which were made while I slept and after giving Kenneth a ride on the horses, we said good-bye to the kids and Leslie and I went in to Beaver Lodge, the others getting in the next day, reporting later that the nearer Tony got to his stables the slower he got.  Each took a turn riding him but not for pleasure.  Judd was taken for a native by some white men, but by all the dirt and tan to say nothing of sunburn we could all have been real Indians after the third day.

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