Monday, January 16, 2017

Sunday July 19

We rested all day as Art Hall advised against crossing the river for a day, then we would not have to swim the horses. Walked over to McGinnis' on the river bank and got 5 boxes of strawberries. Mrs. Martin bought a caribou hide there. Heard that two stores at Beaverlodge had been broken into but not Leslie’s.  Had strawberry short cake for supper.  

Art Hall has a beautiful husky, Brownie, and offered to let us take him along but we were afraid something might happen to him. The Wapiti went down a lot at night and we are going across in the morning. Another man stayed with Hall and brought a part wolf dog and he is now making the night hideous with his howling. It sounds awfully spooky.

Monica McGinn and Les Emes

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