Monday, January 16, 2017

Saturday July 18

We left McNaught’s at 12:30 and arrived at Hall's at 7:30. Travelled through fields of grain then timber. Crossed Red Willow River, through more grain fields.  Oats were up to the stirrups and last year the owner told us he had harvested 35 bushels per acre on this same field. 

Then we went through Blueberry Ridge, it was dry and dusty with burned trees over it. Into a large coulee of the Wapiti finally and on to Hall’s place. There is a grand spring here.

The banks of the Wapiti are 400 ft. deep in some places, where we were camped they were 250 ft. It is a treacherous river and as large as the Saskatchewan. We put up our tents and had supper. After we walked to the edge of the cliff and the Wapiti looked very high and muddy.

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