Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Sunday July 26

Early this morning I woke up to hear a strange sound.  As if some large animal were licking a dish.  The more I listened the more sure I became that a bear was having a good meal on our honey.  So gathering up all my available courage I crept out of the tent to save the bacon, but all was quiet and there was no bear.  Up in a tree a little chipmunk was chuckling to itself.  It was great to crawl back into bed and know that we could sleep as long as we liked.  

   When we did wake up the boys had caught three grayling and two speckled trout so we had a grand breakfast of porridge, fresh hot cakes made by Marion and fried fish.  I tied to catch some again but no luck.  After the dished we had a general clean up. Judd went off to look for deer while Leslie and John rigged up a raft out of the poles we found by the lake.  They roped cross poles on them and were soon off into the water with all kinds of instructions as to what to do if they never returned.  Leslie has just shouted that they got a nibble but lost it. Judd has just come back, he saw two moose but no deer. One moose was only 50 yards away.  It was eight years old having eight points on its horns.  He didn’t shoot it as we couldn’t have eaten a quarter of it on the trip.  It has just started to rain and the men have come home with their crazy raft.  After supper Judd and Isabel went out and hunted moose and while they were away one came leisurely down to the lake right in front of our camp, went into the water and had a grand time splashing and ducking in the water.  Before they got back another moose was in the water farther down and stayed there for some time.  We sat around the fire for a while and after we had got to bed it began to rain.

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