Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Monday July 27

"Nose Mountain Heaven"
It rained most of the night and the horses were very restless.  John had to get up and see about them a number of times.  This morning we stayed around camp for each time we decided to do anything it began to rain.  We had fish for dinner again and tonight John brought in more trout.  After dinner we went to the edge of the mountains, Isabel, Monica and Judd walking across country and getting there sooner.  It was misty over the mountains but the view was wonderful.  There was no sign of game.  We saw a gap which we believed to be the Wapiti valley.  The poplar trees covered the edge of the mountain but came no father and the top was covered with evergreens.  Isabel found a big bunch of scarlet columbine. We tied our horses and sat at the edge looking over for awhile watching the storms going up and down the valleys and how quickly they were followed by sunshine. Monica, Isabel and Judd walked on farther around it about two miles and saw some wonderful scenery.  The mountains seemed so much nearer and had a lot of snow on them. 

Marion had stayed at the camp to watch the horses and when we got back she had grand hot cakes and tea for us.  There are two loons on the lake today which have been diving and splashing and now they are beginning their crazy laugh.  It’s all right now but I hope they stop it before it gets dark.  Today at the mountains it was five o’clock and the sun was almost over our heads. 

The men are now out on their raft fishing and trying to find the outlet to the lake.  The river that runs down in front of the camp is an inlet instead of outlets at we thought.  It is very deep and still with tall reeds and most on its banks.  The lack has no outlet that they can find.  The water looks black and forbidding in the river.  Along the edge suckers swim through the reeds, making a queer sucking sound as they get the flies.  In the stream the fish are jumping for the flies dancing on the surface. We are not likely to see moose tonight as the wind is blowing from the camp. 

Isabel and Marion have just come in with a huge bouquet of wild rhododendrons.  They are white and wax-like. The men are shooting fish on the lake and are making a terrible sound which is frightening the horses.  Each explosion reverberates around the hills of the lake.  There’ll be no moose down tonight, but perhaps the loons will cease to laugh.  The clouds over the lake are tinged with pink and behind us there are deep blue grey clouds edged with rose showing above the spruce.  Everything is so calm and beautiful that the thoughts of starting back tomorrow are not so hot.  We have planned to go out to the edge of camp and see the sunrise on the mountains.

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